Helping Families with the Healing of Therapy.

 Nurturing Touch Therapy is now available for telemedicine session per request in this time of need.

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Nurturing Touch Therapy provides a variety of therapy treatments—including Craniosacral Therapy, Lactation Support, Visceral Manipulation, Kinesiotaping, Lymphatic Drainage, Oral Motor Assessment/Training, and Developmental Screening. Practitioner Patricia Smith, OTR IBCLC, serves families in the greater Madison area through therapy appointments, instructional classes, infant massage training and phone consultations.


With a proactive approach toward optimizing health through education and therapy, Nurturing Touch provides customized care to babies, children, and adults with a variety of needs. Offerings include . . .

• Craniosacral therapy, visceral therapy. lymphatic therapy and reflex integration

• Infant massage instruction and home program strategies 

• Lactation support that works with an in-depth therapy approach

• Care for a variety of infant needs

• Treatment for adult pain and children with a variety of issues


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