Breast Feeding Information & Support


Breastfeeding can be a wonderful experience for both mom and baby, creating a lasting bond and optimal nutrition for a healthy start. Sometimes things do not go as easily as we would like them and assistance is needed. 


There are many factors that can affect the mom and baby during the first weeks of life from latching to milk supply, and a variety of other variables like challenges with transferring. This is where Nurturing Touch can help, providing the full spectrum support that is needed.

 Sessions are a one stop shop combining lactation and therapy all in one.


  • Assess latching skills
  • Evaluate and treat oral skills with a variety of assessment tools
  • Evaluate and treat musculoskeletal issues
  • Provide education and support to families
  • Provide lymphatic care for mother
  • Provide a home program for mom and baby
  • Provide strategies for infant regulation including infant massage training.


Clinic and home visits are available. 


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