Nurturing Touch Therapy offers a variety of
complementary treatments to optimize the well-being
of infants, children, and adults.


How It Works

Therapy Appointments: Therapy is available by appointment, including in-home visits for infants and children with special needs


Education: Classes are offered one-on-one or to groups, including in-home instruction.

Seminars available to groups interested in enhancing infant feeding skills.


Phone Consultations: Phone consultations are available by appointment and telemedicine available upon request.



Support for Adults

Craniosacral Therapy: Treat headaches, accident injuries, post concussion syndrome, chronic pain, TMJ, and related health concerns

Visceral manipulation, lymphatic therapy and myofascial therapy for pain issues.


Infant Massage Instruction: Teach parents the techniques of massage to nurture babies and build a strong parent-child connection


Pregnancy Issues: Care for back pain, breech presentations, and challenging births


Essential Oils: Test and treat health conditions using Essential Oils



Support for Infants, Babies, and Children

Craniosacral Treatment: Provide preventative and maintenance care, and treat a variety of neuromuscular and developmental issues


Lactation: Challenges with nursing, especially those due to structural issues (such as tightness in the spine, neck, and jaw) and oral motor issues


Oral Motor Assessment


Colicky Babies: Identify and resolve troubles in “fussy” infants


Torticollis and Plagiocephaly: Provide gentle care of the cranial bones to help the body self-correct


Physical Disabilities: Work to optimize and maintain abilities




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